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LPU chat transcript w/ Mike


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The full transcript is up to w3.lphungary.com THX for our user Gabo and PhoenixSzG!

(Im edit the transcript now, but you can read from now)


LPLive staff, feel free to post about on your site!


Edit: Now im editing the transcript. Just deleted the system message and give a darker color to mikes message.

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Yeah dude ive got one. From hermione Granger from harry Potter....oh this girl :rolleyes: I watch the HP because of Emma Watson :P

About LPU chat....its fucking long chat, and i need to translate the whole ttranscript into hungarian....and tomorrow i move to sublet... :( i dont have too much time.

Mike gave us a lot of interesting answers...i think. he is my favourite from LP. :lol:

Poci your transcript is horrible. Everything is jumbled up with what everyone said. Im just gonna wait for a cleaner transcript

As i said i edit it now. its cleaner now then 10 minutes ago. i delete all the system message and then give a black color to Mike's message...

Edited by Poci
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I'm dissapointed with the chat.


-No one talked about Otis

-No one talked about Mike's unreleased VMA 2005 Score.

Otis = personal life related question (common sense)

The VMA score was probably asked. I havent done a full sweep read on the transcript. But you gotta know that not everyone is gonna be in the know about everything Mike or the band has done. I gurantee you the people that were in the chat (60 percent) only logged onto the LPU for the chat while the other 40% were the hardcore fans tht stay in the know of what the band does/has done.

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