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Summer Sanitarium Set Intro


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After about six months of searching for the origin of the spoken lines in the Intro to the Summer Sanitarium set, I have finally found the source. There is a 1970 movie called Cromwell, starring Alec Guinness and Richard Harris, and the lines come from that film.


This is part of what is included in the intro:


You may be assured, l do not intend now to be schooled in my high office... ...by illiterate farm hands, cobblers... ...and basket weavers. My Lord Strafford, you will rid us of these troublemakers: Pym, lreton, all of them.


If you haven't heard the intro itself, the download for it can be found here:




And if you want to see the clip from the film itself:


It can be found here, at 1:20 and at 7:33 approximately are the two sections used:



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Wow, good effort! That's one of those put in my information archive type things, because I'll probably be curious about that in the future.


I never even gave the Summer Sanitarium intro much though before now, but that was very insightful... Thanks!


And Projektion... That's pretty awesome! I like it a lot. Good effort on your part as well.



Off-topic portion...



(12:25 PM) Hahninator -have you been banned previously on LPL?

(12:26 PM) PHOENIX09 - ye once y please dont ban me

(12:26 PM) Hahninator - you were banned because you kept asking for audio and guess what, you're back here doing it again. why shouldn't I ban you again?

(12:27 PM) PHOENIX09 - im sorry

(12:28 PM) PHOENIX09 - please one more chance

(12:28 PM) Hahninator - alright but get your act together, there's no need for multiple accounts and no need for 1000 requests for audio. learn to read the site, don't request stuff that doesn't exist, etc.

(12:29 PM) PHOENIX09 - im sorry can i even pay you for the shows?

(12:30 PM) Hahninator - FUCK no you can't pay me for shows, holy shit



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