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First videos from Rock N Coke


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New Divide:


No More Sorrow:

Bleed It Out (w/ drum solo)



Bleed It Out other version:

Another New Divide video...only one minute, but really good quality:


The_Glue found these videos:

Leave out all the rest

In the end



From Zartex:

Somewhere I Belong:



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The sound have very low quality, so i dont want to get it, i wait for the first DSP from Greece...but if you know www.vixy.net you can convert it from youtube to yourself...just type the link into the right field and choose a format... ;)

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yeah, i saw that in the concerts topic, and on youtube, but its maybe the worst quality fromall of these...do you think anybody intrestid in this?

However i pu it to the list...

(The stuff doesnt want to put these out to the news?)

(sorry for my bad English, ive never learn this language)

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No i never...just listened LP and watched english movie with hungarian subtitle, and tried to translate it...and with that i've learned something...

(and i try to completing language examination on august 15th because of diploma :unsure: ive learned germany for 9 years and i forget a lot of things... :lol: )

Sorry for off...

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