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Korn - "Head Like A Hole" (NIN cover)


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Don't know if any of you remember this, but in the past it was announced numerous times that Korn plans to release a cover album, and among the songs they intended to cover was "Head Like A Hole" by NIN. It was rumoured/reported (can't remember) that Chester was supposed to be featured on that song.


Now, has there been any news regarding this project and Chester's involvement in the recent past? Wasn't Chester also set to appear at Korn's Unplugged show? Any idea what happened with that?

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Chester appearing at Unplugged was nothing more than a rumor. I believe he was in the audience though.


Korn's "Korn Kovers" compilation has been delayed indefinitely and will probably never come out, due to them recording it prior to their split from Sony. Sony probably owns the rights to it. Chester's vocals have also been long-rumored to have been removed from the final mix anyway.

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Sure, everything recorded belongs to the studio, at least if its part of the contract. I mean, the label doesn't really "own" you, does it? If you go to a studio by yourself, pay for the sessions and stuff by yourself ... it's all yours, isn't it? As long as you don't release it under the band name ...?


But has this cover album indeed already been recorded?

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