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„The Raid“ 4K Ultimate Edition box set


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On April 25 an Ultimate Edition box set of "The Raid" will be released. The box set includes Ultra HD Blu-ray with remastered version of the film and some bonus materials.


Description from the collectors-junkies.com site:


In April of this year, Plaion Pictures released the action thriller “The Raid (2012)”, starring Iko Uwais, Joe Taslim, Donny Alamsyah and Yayan Ruhian, in an Ultimate Edition with 4K UHD and 3 Blu-ray discs in digipak in a collector's packaging .


As part of this release, the film is being released in this country for the first time on 4K UHD (remastered by director Gareth Evans), including the theatrical version and the unrated version.


Sound tracks:

German DTS-HD Master Audio

5.1 Indonesian DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1

Disc distribution:

UHD: 4K with new master (remastered by director Gareth Evans)

BD1: New 4K version in HD

BD2: The old version with the bluer grading

BD3: Bonus material


Bonus material:

Audio commentary with director Gareth Evans

Featurette “Claycat`s The Raid”

German cinema trailer

German teaser 1-4

English teaser

Youtube spot

Trailer show

Claycat's The Raid

Cinema trailer

various teasers

An evening with Mike Shinoda & Gareth Evans

World premiere red carpet

World premiere in Toronto

Making of

Anatomy of a scene

In conversation with Mike Shinoda & Gareth Evans

Inside the Score

The music


The release is expected on April 25, 2024.


Source: jpc.de, collectors-junkies.com

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Still can't believe Mike was able to make better music with a laptop during touring than some of his more 'professional' material at the time.


Great movie indeed btw, much, much, much better than John Wick.

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