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Mike Shinoda TikTok - February 10, 2023


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6 hours ago, Ex97 said:

Cool video thank you ! By the way Mike keeps saying in interviews that YouTube just came out when Meteora did but he is wrong haha YouTube didn’t come out until spring 2005 but still it’s funny! Can’t fault him it was so long ago. But thought it was funny. 

It’s the same era so it’s easy to see why he’d be confused. They played shows in 2005 way before the MTM era even started. 

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Hey, thanks for sharing this exciting news! It's always great to see artists connecting with their fans through live streams and Q&A sessions. As a fan, I'm looking forward to experiencing the nostalgia and hearing new elements in the album. I have even created a fan account for him, and I buy cheap Facebook likes to get popular faster. I would love to talk to him in person too!

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Wow, how cool is it that Mike Shinoda hopped on TikTok after that Discord Q&A! I'm stoked about the little nugget he dropped regarding Rob's drum track potentially being part of Meteora 20. The Making of Meteora DVD was such a gem, so that's really exciting news!
Speaking of Discord, if you're interested in getting more involved in discussions about Mike Shinoda or Linkin Park, Reddit has some great communities for that. You can actually buy Reddit accounts instantly. These accounts come with a bit of karma, so you can bypass the "newbie" stage and dive right into meaningful discussions.

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