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Becko - Darkest Days (Produced by Mike Shinoda) // Out September 17, 2021


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Becko (real name Marco Calanca) has announced on Twitter that his song 'Darkest Days' from the #ShinodaProduceMe initiative is set for a September 8th release. The Italian artist/producer is signed to Celldweller's electronic rock label FiXT. His music is a blend of hip-hop, metal, EDM and alternative rock with melodic, screaming and rap vocals. Last year he released a cover of Linkin Park's 'Faint' on his compilation album "CVRS" and a cover of 'Crawling' as part of his "Genesis" EP.


'Darkest Days' was produced by Mike Shinoda live on Twitch earlier this year, on February 1st and 2nd. The original multitracks sent by Becko were pretty complete, with vocal tracks - along with three tracks of reverb, delay, and other effects -, three other groups of tracks including keyboard, synth and guitar; and a bass group present in the verses. The structure of the song was quite traditional with only one chord progression present. Mike recorded new keyboard additions, 808 beats and guitar parts for the song. He set out to experiment with it as he explained:


“One thing I want to do with these production streams in particular is … if the song comes in sounding like … it fits easily into a box … I’m gonna try to work out of that box. Like if it’s, ‘this sounds like really good Warped Tour music’, then I gotta do something to it that takes it out of that. Because if you want ‘that’, then you’d go somewhere else and get that, or you’d just make that yourself. But my job is to say, ‘okay, how can I make it sound, in my opinion, more interesting than that?’.”

Release date was postponed to September 17.



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