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About a Hybrid Theory Remaster

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What's up LP Family? i was here wondering... if you could make a remaster of Hybrid Theory, what would you change from the original master? i can't really think about it since it's my favorite album of all time hahah, idk if that's why i don't see any defect on the master.

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The HT production is pretty much perfect at least for me and they made a better job with Meteora imo.


So this is pure personal taste but it would be cool to have Dave record all the Bass tracks and made them more prominet in the mix, Taking a little bit of the low end of the guitars to give more space to the bass but not too much so you don't ruin the tone, that Dual Rectifer - Mesa 4x12 combo is perfect. 

And make the drums a bit more punchy not like a Pantera production but something in between

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Yeah I'd barely change anything. Maybe cut the guitars a little below 100hz just to give the bass some more room. Maybe have Dave re-record bass on One Step Closer because Scott's tone on it is garbage compared to the bass sound on the rest of the album lol. Some of the really dated-sounding keyboard strings like on ITE could sound a lot better, but I'm not sure if it'd be worth making the song sound drastically different.

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Well said. The mix is tremendous. I'd be down with some of the bass being more audible.


Listen to the studio finals and compare them to the final version. It's night and day, Andy Wallace hit a grand slam on this album. The songs sound HUGE.

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