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Mike Q&A Summary 5/20/2020


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Mike began his May 20th live stream by telling a fan he doesn't remember the guitar part to "Brooding" but to check online to find out what it is.


He says he doesn't know if there is any behind the scenes footage for the "Ghosts" music video that he still has.


- "What are some of your favorite moments on tour?" -> "The Post Traumatic Tour was fun and hard. It was just as much for you guys as it was for me. I didn't go out there strictly for my own benefit. Part of it was communal, that a lot of people coming to the shows needed that outlet. They needed to see me and see each other, they needed to hear those songs, they needed closure and other things. There were days when I didn't really want to do the shows but I did the shows because I felt like some people needed the shows. But overall I loved the tour. It was just like anything you choose to do over a long period of time, there are going to be times you don't want to do it anymore and then you get back on your momentum."

Mike said his merch company asked him about doing a coloring book, so Mike explained that he has one inside the Post Traumatic art booklet.


A selection of the CoronaJams will be released soon, but he won't put them all out. "I will draw a line, there will be an album and there will be like, bonus stuff, as usual."


- "What was the idea behind Victimized?" -> "In my head when I just heard the song, I heard the remix. The jungle version, hardcore version. I think the music came first on that one and the music inspired the lyrics. There was a lot on that album about feelings of being taken advantage of and there is some angry stuff on that record. Also, some not angry stuff, but yeah, Victimized was definitely tapping into some of that, I don't know what to call it, anger."


Mike has no news on a new Linkin Park album.


- "What's your favorite Linkin Park album?" -> "I have favorite songs for sure; overall probably "A Thousand Suns" but that is not to take away from any of the other albums. Every time we put out an album, in the moment, I was 100% happy with what it was. Because we were in the drivers seat, there wasn't anybody else telling us to put out music or whatever. You hear that sometimes about artists who labels are telling them "now is the time, what's taking so long?" or vice versa like "we don't like this yet, go back to the drawing board, do something else." We never had that relationship with the label, for us, they trusted our instincts and everything. We always got our record to the point where we loved it and then we delivered it and then they helped us put it out. Or they put it out and we helped them get it out there, however you want to look at that."


He tells a great ghost story about writing music in Rick Rubin's mansion, the Houdini House, when the band was recording Minutes to Midnight.


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