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Jamie Bennington’s comment on Dead By Sunrise


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During the live Q & A that he did with Josh on YouTube, he was asked what do you think about Dead By Sunrise. He answered that he thought it was a little morbid in retrospect, kind of as a joke (he made several ‘’dead dad jokes’’ as he referred to them during the Q&A, but that isn’t the relevant part. He then said that he knew some of the creative differences that his Dad had with it, so he was kind of biased on it. What does he mean? Just that the label made it poppy and commercial and unlike the original demos like Ryan has said in later years? Or something more? He then called it a good pop-rock record and laughed when he said pop-rock so I’m guessing that is what he meant. Just thought it was interesting.

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2 hours ago, Comfortinthepanic92 said:

Yeah I think he intended that. Also, I really didn't like the "dead dad jokes" but it was probably his way to take it slightly lighter. I think he's a good guy


Some people use humor to cope with awkward and/or painful subjects. He is a good person.

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10 hours ago, LPLStaff said:

The demos have a lot edgier/rock sound versus the extremely polished studio versions. Let Down and Walking in Circles are even better in the demo forms. Fire and My Suffering indeed are darker.

That My Suffering demo is really dark and angry compared to those very formuliac verses. That “everybody’s gonna die” and the way he screams “my suffering” are a lot darker 

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Only one that I think sounded better off of that demo CD we got was Let Down because of the electronic part in the chorus being higher and the song not fading out by reporting the chorus line like on the album. All the others are better on the album, especially Into You, Walking In Circles and Give Me Your Name. My Suffering’s demo is cool with the verses but the chorus is way better sounding on the album version and the mix is terrible for all the demos anyways. Fire’s original version is really cool but I still love the album version a lot more. The Walking In Circles demo isn’t better at all to me. Out Of Ashes’s version improves on it 100%. Into You’s demo we got is just plain bad sounding. The thing is, there are probably several versions of all the songs, better mixes, different variations, etc. 

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