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Queen Of The Damned Soundtrack on Vinyl


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Back in 2001 Jonathan Davis, best known as the frontman of Korn, was invited to compose the score and soundtrack of Queen Of The Damned (the second film in The Vampire Chronicles series) in collaboration with Richard Gibbs. The duo wrote five original songs that would appear in the film, but due to Davis' contract with Sony, he was forced to choose artists from Warner (the distributor of the film) to perform the songs. Among those artists was Linkin Park's Chester Bennington who lent his vocals for 'System.'


The soundtrack is being issued for the first time on vinyl by FYE on September 20th, 2019. This coke bottle clear vinyl will be limited to 1500 copies, so get yours while they're still available! Pre-order here.



  1. "Not Meant for Me" - Wayne Static of Static-X (4:09)
  2. "Forsaken" - David Draiman of Disturbed (4:26)
  3. "System" - Chester Bennington of Linkin Park (5:03)
  4. "Change (In the House of Flies)" - Deftones (5:01)
  5. "Redeemer" - Marilyn Manson (4:19)
  6. "Dead Cell" - Papa Roach (3:07)
  7. "Penetrate" - Godhead (4:18)
  8. "Slept So Long" - Jay Gordon of Orgy (5:29)
  9. "Down with the Sickness" - Disturbed (4:39)
  10. "Cold" - Static-X (3:00)
  11. "Headstrong" - Earshot (4:54)
  12. "Body Crumbles" - Dry Cell (3:07)
  13. "Excess" - Tricky featuring Alanis Morissette (4:43)
  14. "Beføre I'm Dead" - Kidneythieves (4:50)
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