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Alright guys, due to the complaining I've been getting recently from forum members that deal with mods being too strict in the forums (see this thread), I decided to have a rewrite of the forum rules. After two lengthy staff meetings the past two evenings, Amanda and I (mostly Amanda) have sat down and revised and rewritten our forum rules to better suit our members.


The new rules can be found here.


Arguing, disagreeing, going off-topic, etc will not be punishable by any offense any longer. You may argue and do whatever you please as long as you don't directly flame another member (see: "fuck you, your opinion is gay and you fucking fail at life"). The staff is all on the same page now as what is allowed and what isn't. We've changed how we do warnings, we've implemented a system to PM someone each time a warning is made, and we've overall fixed the holes in the system in our opinion.


So go ahead, argue, call someone else stupid if they're being stupid, lay down the law, speak your opinion...don't flame people directly, and have a good time. If you have any thoughts about this then you can reply to this thread or contact me in a PM. Enjoy, and thanks. Hopefully this will mend any problems we've been having.



SouthernGirlAM Edit:


Also, one more thing...ALL past warnings have been reset. With new rules comes a clean slate for everyone. I see it as a fresh start for staff and members alike. Thanks guys and gals for your patience during this period of forum clean-up!

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