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Happy Birthday to Post Traumatic


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It has already been one year since Mike Shinoda released his Post Traumatic album, dealing with the loss of Chester and the journey through it. Throughout the past year, Mike has completed a world tour through Asia, Europe, and North America in support of the album and has also issued a deluxe edition of the album with several bonus tracks.


To celebrate the release of Post Traumatic, Mike performed an intimate set at the iconic Amoeba Records in Los Angeles.



What have been some of your favorite memories from the past year during the Post Traumatic era?


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A great album that helped me a lot in the past year.
My favorite track is Over Again, ever since it was released in January with the EP.

A great album followed by a great Tour: lots of setlist changes, debuts, mashups, funny and emotional moments, what a year.
Had the chance to see him in concert twice, at Milano Rocks in 2018 and again in Milan in March, this year.

Of course, my highlight of this era was .


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Oh man, has it really been a year? Such an amazing album, every song has helped me in one way or another, and I definitely am in a better place because of the album and tour. This album probably has as much influence on my life as Hybrid Theory, if not more. Because of this album, I was able to heal from Chester’s passing, and it also got me through my health issues that plagued me from November of last year to April of this year. I also during the tour got to meet some LPLive members, (including Mark) and finally got to tell Mike Shinoda thank you for everything. Overall, if it weren’t for this album, I’d still be in the very dark place I was in before it dropped. 

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