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Mike's Recent Unreleased Music Video(s)


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Near the end of the Post Traumatic European Tour, Mike was seem filming at least one music video in Europe. While he said that he'd like to release music videos for all of the songs on Post Traumatic, videos for 'Hold It Together' and 'World's On Fire' remain unreleased, if they were even created at all.


In Prague before the show, Mike was seen filming a video by the tour buses, with crew members running around behind him with props.


At the end of the show in Luxembourg (the setlist listed 'Running From My Shadow" with "confetti+video"), the crew shot off huge confetti cannons at the end of the track before filming Mike walking backwards to the front of the stage and then off the stage while rapping or singing a song.


Unfortunately, you can't tell in either video what song Mike is performing. While it could be a track from Post Traumatic, it could also be two tracks, or even a song like 'Prove You Wrong'. Or, it's for a future project that we don't even know about. 


As it approaches three months since the end of the Post Traumatic Tour, none of the footage has been released. As of now, the only thing on the docks for Mike the rest of the year is a performance in Japan in September.

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