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DPARK (Dimitris Papasinos) - Chester's clone


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Hello everyone.

Do you know Dimitris Papasinos and his "band" DPARK? I just found him on the internet yesterday. He looks like Chester and his voice is like Chester's voice! In my opinion he should go to join Linkin Park! His voice is amazing.

Listen to his songs and let me know your opinion:


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Pretty sure most of us have seen/heard him. He is indeed a great singer. I don't think he should join LP though.


"We lost Chester, so we got someone who looks and sounds just like him!" I know some people would find that cool probably. I think it wouldn't be. No disrespect to him or his talent though.

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He is good but I can't see the band picking him to become the new frontman. I think it will be someone that we have never even heard of (not going to be someone like Austin Carlile who was rumored last year).

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