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"What I've Done" turns 12


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Linkin Park's first single from Minutes to Midnight just turned 12 years old on April 2, 2019.


The song went on to become one of their biggest singles in their career. Ironically, it was the last song written for Minutes to Midnight after the rest of the album was finished when they needed a strong first single to push MTM. What I've Done marked the beginning of LP changing their sound and evolving, from the rap/rock style of Hybrid Theory and Meteora to the diverse musical genres they explored in the following albums.


Joe directed the music video, which was shot at El Mirage in the Mojave Desert. Mike: "We filmed the video for What I've Done e in El Mirage because the desert scene related the lyrics and because it fit in with the themes of the video (the stock footage)."


Brad: "There are definitely elements to the record that you can identify as Linkin Park, probably the best of which would be our first single, ‘What I’ve Done.’ It’s really in a sense a bridge from where we were to kind of where this record wound up. But each one of the songs that made the album was recorded in a totally different environment, has a totally unique sound, and beyond just the style of the songs we really focused through and through on the content of this record—the lyrics, the melodies. We didn’t work on the style of many of the songs in terms of the arrangements or polishing the context until we knew that the basic ideas in each case were really, really strong."



Where were you when you first heard the song in 2007? What were your first thoughts of the track?

Is What I've Done the song that got you into Linkin Park?

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One of the first three songs I ever truly liked. My aunt would play it in the car when I was 7 (she'd always play LP when I was a kid, but WID is the first song I remembered by name), and the rest is history I guess. A timeless classic, for sure.

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