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2019.03.18 - Munich, Germany


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The final tour of the Post Traumatic era is reaching its end, but not without a final few awesome shows! Mike and the gang return to Germany today for their sixth German show of the tour at the Zenith - Die Kulturhalle in Munich.


Mike has played in Munich many times before, the first being in 2001 on the Deftones' 'Back To School' Tour - this was Linkin Park's second performance in the country ever! Classics like 'With You' and 'By Myself' added an explosive dynamic to the set. The crowd was so wild, the band returned again for their own headlining show later in the year on the Hybrid Theory European Tour, at the same venue Mike's performing at today. The band returned seven years later, during the summer of 2008 on the final Minutes To Midnight European Tour. This set was part of Projekt Revolution: Europe and was - up until Milton Keynes a few shows later - the biggest Projekt Revolution show ever. And the setlist definitely celebrated the occasion: huge tracks like the ultra-rare 'Reading My Eyes' were performed in their entirety, as well as new versions of familiar tracks: 'Wake 2.0.' Softer ballads like the piano version of 'Pushing Me Away' and 'The Little Things Give You Away' added reprieve from all the action within the set. The band returned to Munich for another Projekt Revolution: Europe show in 2011 on the A Thousand Suns European Tour, bringing new hits like 'Waiting For The End' and 'The Catalyst' and big jams like 'Lying From You' and 'No More Sorrow' out. At the beginning of 'When They Come For Me,' Mike messed up a the sample settings and played piano sounds instead of the normal ones, but ended up making a little remix at the start of the track! Brad did something different on the megaphone than he normal does, too. Mike's most recent visit to Munich was in 2014 on The Hunting Party European Tour, which brought huge tracks like 'Guilty All The Same' and 'Rebellion' to a massive crowd.


Last night's show in Zurich was one for the record books, too. The show had surprises from the very start: 'When They Come For Me' opened the show for the first time on this leg of the tour, with a looped extended intro for the first time. A funnier part of the show includes the intro to 'Ghosts,' after the crowd did a "More Cowbell" flashmob. Mike found a cowbell onstage and hit it as the song started up. Mike continued early on with surprises by performing 'High Road,' promising to mess up the spreadsheet we retweeted that day that keeps track of what Mike's playing this tour. That wasn't the only thing that messed with the spreadsheet: 'Kenji' returned in full form, being played for the first time since Los Angeles last year on the Outbreak Tour. 'Nobody Can Save Me' was played once again before 'Sorry For Now,' which had an extended bridge featuring the demo verse of 'Lift Off' and a chorus of 'Step Up.' Mike played a piano version of 'Heavy,' aborted it, and quickly switched to 'Numb.' 'World's On Fire' was added back into the set after not being planned on the written setlist after 'Robot Boy' opened the encore. This is interesting, as an unseen combo of 'Robot Boy' into 'Castle Of Glass' has not been seen yet. There's lots of little details in this set that makes it such a memorable one, plus with big rarities in the mix, you can't complain! Mike remarked about not being ready to play 'Invisible' (likely because they haven't rehearsed it yet at soundcheck), but Dan said he was - so perhaps we can expect it at tonight's show.


Who's going to the show? Hahninator will be there - keep an eye out for him and say hi! The tour's winding up, with four show in Europe left before Mike ends things off with two shows in Tel Aviv, IsraelPrague, AmsterdamLudwigsburg, and Luxembourg are still up before then. 


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Check out the rest of Mike Shinoda's 2019 touring schedule here.

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