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Is "MALL" (Soundtrack) CD still available to purchase?


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Hey guys.


I dont know where to ask this but just wondering where can I get the physical CD for "MALL" soundtrack as it's not available on LP store. So far, only found it on Amazon. Other store wont ship to my country.


Hope someone can help me out. Thanks!

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That's where I got mine. Not sure where else it's available. Sorry for the useless reply. lol


Hahah, no worries dude. glad someone reply my question. if Amazon is the only one, i'm gonna get one soon. Would love to have it as my collection.

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It was never really even advertised as having a CD release. When you bought the DVD you got a digital copy of the soundtrack, but that was all that was ever offered via the official site. The standalone CD was just quietly released in some international markets without any promotion. At this point resellers are probably your only bet.

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