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"Make It Up As I Go" Fan Footage Video


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Following several successful videos in collaboration with Fan Footage, Mike Shinoda recently asked fans to film his latest single "Make It Up As I Go" at his November 2nd Los Angeles show.


The finished product is out now and we are happy to exclusively present "Make It Up As I Go", live at the Hollywood Palladium!



Linkin Park has worked with Fan Footage several times in the past, including "Until It's Gone" at Milan 2014 and "Talking To Myself" at Amsterdam 2017. The "Talking To Myself" video boasts a shocking 58+ hours of footage that was edited down into the video. Additionally, the band released a live video for "Waiting For The End" from Chicago and St. Paul 2011 with footage shot by fans.

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I have never seen any song be promoted as much as Mike has promoted this particular track. It's been like 5 months of promoting this sole song, with it's own merch line, radio campaign, over the top like performances of it every time it's performed, TV appearances, festival appearances with K.Flay, etc. It's easily the worst song on the entire album for me personally - but I know some people like it. K.Flay's voice is possibly the most irritating thing I have ever heard. This is also pop to the max, people thought that One More Light was pop, they have to listen to this track then. I wonder how much more he will promote this one song for. All of 2019? Not hating on that, just wondering. Maybe another merch line for it?

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