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2018.10.15 - Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania


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The third show in three days takes Mike's North American Post Traumatic Tour to Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania tonight. This will already be the fifth show of the tour and comes as the last northeast show for now before Mike heads down south.


This is a city in which Mike has not visited before at all, and is in a theater. It almost is reminiscent of the theaters that Stone Temple Pilots would play with Chester in 2013 and 2014.


Last night in Philadelphia was not without its surprises...


First of all, Dylan from our team joined Mike on guitar for Roads Untraveled!



And grandson made his first guest appearance on Running From My Shadow!



The show's soundcheck included Until It Breaks, which could see some action in the show setlists coming up. Maybe tonight it makes its tour debut? Other soundchecked songs this tour include High Road, It's Goin' Down, part of Dedicated, and Sharp Edges. We will see what Mike, Matt and Dan pull out!


After this show, Mike heads down to Charlotte on Wednesday for the southeast portion of the tour where we'll have our usual crew at the shows down there. Looking forward to it! To catch up on the tour setlists, soundchecks, and more... visit Mike's tour page.

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Man, Sharp Edges is great. Matt has a damn good voice! Somehow it makes me realize that Mike definitely needs help and support for certain songs and throughout an 1hr 30min show


I don't think that Matt should replace Chester in Linkin Park but he does have a really good voice. I think Linkin Park should just end it with One More Light being their last album because it was so good and it seems so final.


And I hope Mike creates a new band with Matt and Dan and Matt can sing stuff, while Mike can rap and sing and write the songs. Kind of like Linkin Park but a little different. I just can't picture ''Linkin Park'' without Chester Bennington. It would be awesome if Mike really did create a new band with Matt and Dan and just kept making music and stuff that way, and Phoenix and Joe, etc. could do guest spots, etc. from time to time.

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