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2018.08.12 - Beijing, China


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On the 12th, Mike takes his Post Traumatic Tour to Beijing, China for the fourth show in Asia. This begins three shows in a row in China, where he will perform in Beijing, Shanghai, and Chengdu.


This will be Mike's first time in China since Linkin Park played a stadium tour across the country in 2015. The Beijing show was webcasted and it was a massive show.


Linkin Park's first time in China was at Shanghai 2007, which is documented well on the LPTV Asia Tour 2007 episode.



Unfortunately three shows in China were canceled in 2008 due to Chester's back injury, including Shanghai, Beijing, and Wuhan. The band did made it back to perform in Shanghai in 2009. Linkin Park was scheduled to return in 2011 for stadium shows in those same three cities for the A Thousand Suns World Tour, but the Chinese government pulled out of the shows that were being set up by Live Nation because Linkin Park had met with the Dalai Lama. Finally, the band returned in 2015.



The last Mike show in Incheon, South Korea had a shortened fourteen song set as it was at a festival but we will obviously see a longer set as this is a headlining performance. Something to watch out for in China is the censored songs, but also perhaps any songs not approved by the Chinese government. When Linkin Park performed in Shanghai in 2009, they had to drop Given Up and Hands Held High for political reasons. Don't expect to see Hands Held High verse one over Kenji at these shows. Linkin Park had to censor songs at their 2015 shows in China.



We will see what China has to offer and how the set changes for Mike. Shanghai follows on the 14th, and Wuhan on the 16th before Mike heads to Japan for Summer Sonic. Past setlists and upcoming dates can be found on the Mike tour page.

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Found a source for the show! Unfortunately a lot of missing (seems like the guy didn't film parts of certain songs) and it ends after 'Papercut,' but one big thing: It's Goin' Down verse 1 and partial verse 2 over the 'Kenji' intro.


Watch it here. 17:40 for Kenji if you want to see it. Waiting a few days before we upload this to YouTube just to see if the guy uploads a second part to it.

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