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Favorite Post Traumatic Lyrics


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Anyone have any favorite lyrics from the album?


I guess my favorites are different than the ones that I relate to the most.


The first verse of About You is badass to me.


"This is that gather 'round it and wonder where I found it

This is that wake up make your agent have your tour re-routed
This is that drama comma pain and ain’t no way around it
'Cause somehow still it's hard to know what I can say about it
I buckled up told myself to suck it up
I was scared to death to get up there and spill my fucking guts
I was saying pull your stupid self together buttercup
Get it crackin' Back in Black until you have em Thunderstruck
The whole Lift Off verse is really great. This is some old school Mike here.
"I flow poems out to Saturn and past it
Easy as a standard anti-gravity backflip
Satellite tracking can’t map out my tactics
I spit the same shit they split an atom in half with"
This line in I.O.U. is great: "I'm ‘81 Reagan with that nonsense, miss me"


I relate a lot to Over Again verse 2 and Hold It Together verse 1.


"And all I wanted was to get a little bit of closure

And every step I took I looked and wasn't any closer
'Cause sometimes when you say goodbye, yeah you say it
Over and over and over and over"
"She said, "Are you okay?"
And I'm staring into space
It's making her nervous cause one thing is certain
I don't have my head on straight
We're trying to get through each week
On two or three hours of sleep
I say to be patient
That we're going to make it
I have to admit that I'm struggling"
And I'm still trying to decipher Can't Hear You Now. That track sounds pretty dark but I can't figure out exactly what it is about. It sounds like he's talking directly to Chester at parts.
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