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Hybrid Theory EP


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So weird shit here......


i received my HT EP that i ordered from the LPU store and i proceeded to listen to it (the only time i plan on doing this) and put it in my computer. Windows Media Player opened up and listen to this tracklisting that popped up:


1.)Announcement Service Public


3.)QWERTY (Live)

4.)Pushing Me Away (Live)

5.)Breaking the Habit (Live)

6.)Part of Me



WTF is going on?! Did the LPU lie with their latest post regarding these cds being original?

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wow, i love the htep. my cuzin was with street wise so when he got the signed htep in 1999, he wouldnt stop listening to it. he'd fall asleep listening to it, wake up listening to it. it was crazy. this was when i was 12 and he was i think 16? i spent the nit for a whole week, and thats how i got to know LP.

my order has to be

1carousel (first song i ever heard!)

2and one

3part of me

4step up


6high voltage.

my cuzin still listens to the htep all the time and he's had it for...9 years? and thats just crazy.

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I bought the re-issue when I was in LA last year, I found it in a used bin inside of Amoeba records! It's authentic too, and hardly scratched at all. When I first started heavily getting into LP, I downloaded HTEP and I listened to it non-stop, I even got my Mom to like Carousel. Pretty sweet. I can't even really decide on a fav. I guess POF, it helped me through some shit in high school and what not. I love this EP more than anything, next to MTM it's my favorite thing LP has ever put out.

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