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We've had some disagreements lately about how we should deal with songwriter credits on Linkinpedia and we decided to ask here what our forum members think we should do.


First, we have decided early on our main source for credits should be Linkin Park's BMI repertoire, but the problem with this idea is that usually every band member gets credit for every song (like Chester getting credits for Coal, a song he obviously didn't work on). We think this could have something to do with who gets royalties for the songs.


Sometimes guest performers aren't credited on BMI either (in With You for instance, only one of the Dust Brothers is credited). We could check ASCAP in the latter case, but it also contains some inacurate information (like Emile Haynie, who worked on Final Masquerade, also being credited for A Line In The Sand).


Sometimes, when they don't credit every band member, BMI credits don't match with what the album booklets say either (Dedicated is the perfect example).


I personally think the best way to go would be to check the album booklets for credits, but we also have some cases where, in different releases, different band members are credited for the same song.


Another thing we are concerned about is the fact we've added credits for Grey Daze songs based on this table, completely disregarding who worked on the music. Instead of having simply "songwriters" on the pages, we are thinking about splitting it into "lyrics" and "music" (for every page, not only Grey Daze pages). Here's an example of how this would look like:



We want to hear your opinions on all of this before making any changes. How do you think we should handle the songs' credits?

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