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New single release idea


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So I had this idea about LP releasing the new single soon. Remember Mike saying that he'd like to do something with the fan sites?


Imagine the band giving away 3 second previews of the new single to many fan sites, like LPL, LPA and the LPU.


Then it could be our job to put them together in the right order. The sooner we would manage to do this, the sooner LP would release the new song.


It's just an idea that popped up in my head. I think it would be fun to involve the fans this way.

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I honestly forgot about that LPA interview thing that Mike did last year. It would be cool if they were to do something like that. On the other hand, I think LP really needs to come back STRONG with this new album, in order to sustain their position in the music world. They fell off a bit in recent years. They need to have a number one single and a number one album again. And also have a hard hitting tour with a huge support act as well. So I'm kind of actually wanting a proper release for the first single, where we get a release date and the single drops that day, basically identical to how Burn It Down was done in 2012, that was perfect to me.


But yeah, giving away a short clip to the major fansites like LPL, LPA, LPCatalog would be cool. LPU isn't a fansite really. I think it would be cooler for a literal fansite like LPL to get a clip.

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