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Best Show Of Each Tour?


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I got the idea for this once when Hahninator said that they should pick one show per tour to be webcasted to us or released DSP style, I can't remember which. But it sounded kind of cool. So, in your opinion, what would you say the best show of each tour is so far? I know there are tons of people who listen to like every recording, or at least a lot of them, so it would be nice to know what people think.


It would also be cool that this thread would include each leg of a tour, in every country, etc.

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I've listened to every dsp but I can't remember which one is the best. Honestly, dsps from 2010-2012 sounds awful to me, sound mixing is terrible. So I think the best ones are 2007-2009 dsps, every show from that era is great imo. And if I should pick something...2007-11-20 Hong Kong - crowd in In The End is mindblowing, 2008-08-02 Tampa - because of Pushing, love that song to the death, 2009-08-16 Macau - outros/intros in POA were cool and DAT New divide intro

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Wroclaw, Poland 5 June 2014 - European Tour


I know that then was Rock Am Ring and other amazing show, but watch these videos.

"Lift me up, let me go" in Bleed It Out was (correct me if im wrong) one of a kind on this tour :)

+30,000 people, support from Fall Out Boy





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