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Mike Shinoda Signed Skate Deck Value


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sorry if i have placed this in the wrong place but...


my wife is considering to sell her mike shinoda skate deck (signed by all of the band)


would anyone have a good idea on how much it would be worth?


thanks :)



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for me personally signatures that I didn't get myself have no value. I want to connect something with the signature like the moment I met them.


But that's just me ^_^ I'm sure you can get a lot of money. I'm guessing 200-300 USD

LP has signed a billion things over the last 15 years. I think technically their signatures aren't worth much since the band has remained unchanged for the last 15 years also.

You won't find many signed skateboards, and the skateboards themselves are pretty rare too, so that should increase the value, but I can't really say how much you can ask for. It's more like how much is someone else willing to pay.

I think signatures have a much higher personal values, also because you are the only person that knows for sure that they are legit. A COA doesn't mean anything either, everyone can write one.

If you look at LPU auctions, some crazy people pay a ton of money for signed items, unless it's something really weird.


If you plan to sell it on ebay, do a buy now with a higher price but also with the option to submit offers. You probably have to be patient but maybe you get what you have in mind.

Again, you cant prove that the signatures are real and I think that's the main reason people why pay a lot more on lpu auctions or charity auctions, cause those are trustworthy sources.


How much were these back then? $60?

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These decks were 75$ in 2005 for mikes first art show "diamonds , clubs, spades, and hearts". You could buy all 5 for $300 as a bundle There were also 5 prints of 5 pieces for $500 each!!!


I own all 5 only about 100 made of each.. very limited like all LP decks...


To answer your question.. its worth as much as someone is willing to pay...


Ive checked ebay everyday since 2003 for linkin park stuff... i can tell you in my opinion if you put this on ebay today with no reserve and started it at 1 cent it would go between $75-$200... lowest $50 highest $250.. but that would be pushing it.. broad range.. but thats how ebay works... signatures dont really mean shit for linkin park unfortunately...



THE FIVE DECKS in my living room!

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