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If you look at this page http://lplive.net/shows/db/2011/20110120-2you'll see that we have the Happy Birthday portion of the show listed as a setlist note.


It's missing from other shows, like this one http://lplive.net/shows/db/2004/20040315


Can someone compose a list of all the shows over the years where there was a Happy Bday celebration for a band member? I'll add it to the pages. There surely weren't many.

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Nassau 2002 (Phoenix)
Inglewood 2004 (Chester and Joe)
Singapore 2004 (Janet, member of LP's touring crew)
Fort Minor - Washington D.C. 2006 (Mike)
Melbourne 2007 2nd night (Pooch)
Seoul 2007 (Brad)
Frankfurt 2008 (Rob)
Hartford 2008 (Chris Cornell during his Crawling guest spot)
Brisbane 2010 (Brad)
Sunrise 2011 (Rob)

I feel like there are a couple more, but that's all I can find right now.

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