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Mike Live Chat on ProductHunt on October 9


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Not long after a LPU VyRT Chat with Phoenix, Mike will be doing a live chat on ProductHunt on Friday, October 9 at 10AM PDT.


ProductHunt is a curation of the latest and rising new products and technology on the market. The site showcases tech creations, mobile apps, websites, and more. The site gives technology and product-loving enthusiasts a place to find whats up and coming, and what will be on the market soon - if that sounds like something you're into, check it out!


Given the nature of the website, we're not too sure what Mike will be talking about. He'll likely want to stray away from the music side of things, and this livechat will be more business-oriented. Perhaps he'll reveal something about his mystery art project he teased on Instagram the other day. Maybe he has some new products coming up, or wants to talk about what he sees on the market. It'll be an interesting chat, nonetheless!


Link: https://www.producthunt.com/live/mike-shinoda

Time: 10:00 AM PDT (Countdown)


Linkin Park's The Hunting Party Tour has come to a close, with two shows remaining that will take it out in November: the first on November 1 in Tempe, Arizona at the Monster Mash and the newly announced second show on November 14 in Los Angeles for Relief Live, honoring Steve Aoki. Follow us on Twitter for updates on Linkin Park.

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