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Stone Temple Pilots Tour Recap


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Stone Temple Pilots just completed their most recent tour of the United States, a ten show journey from the southeast U.S. up the middle of the country and the east coast. The tour started with two radio festivals in North Carolina and continued with five headlining shows and three more random festival appearances. Sadly, the last show ended up being canceled, but we'll get to that shortly.


Since Chester joined STP in May 2013 and juggled the band full time with Linkin Park, this was STP's fifth tour of the United States with him. They have played just two shows internationally, when they visited Japan in fall 2013. An international tour in February and March 2014 was canceled when Chester was forced to finish recording Linkin Park's new album (The Hunting Party).


The year started with a lot of promise for the band. They headlined sixteen shows across the United States in April and May, playing a few songs for the first time with Chester. The tour was announced directly after Chester broke his ankle in Indianapolis with Linkin Park, ending their tour on the spot with no makeup, so fans were understandably a bit angered when the STP tour announcement came out. Regardless, that tour got Chester back into shape for Linkin Park's remaining shows across North America, China, and Europe to finished the touring cycle for The Hunting Party.


On that April tour, a few fans/friends heard snippets of new songs from STP in various forms, mostly just Dean playing some clips from his phone. STP participated in the press for the tour, with Eric saying an album was likely due out in October. However, on this recent return to STP, there have been zero interviews given by the band and there has been no mention of a new song, new album, or more tour dates.



The setlist remained generally the same as it did in April, with a few songs changing places and Adhesive replacing Hollywood Bitch. It was surprising to see the band not perform a new song, but they also are the same band that chose to play only two songs from the High Rise EP (Out Of Time and Black Heart) live.


Finally, the last show in Janesville, WI was canceled ten minutes before the band took to the stage. A very vague statement, released by STP at their set time, read, "Due to illness, Stone Temple Pilots regretfully are forced to cancel their performance tonight at WJJO's Sonic Boom." We do not know which band member is sick and no one has responded to questions about the situation.


Sadly, the tour ended on a sour note with the canceled show and a lack of information about who is sick...hopefully not Chester. A few questionable moments happened mid-tour, when Chester almost fell off the stage in Cleveland and when he tripped and fell into Eric's drumset the next show in Detroit, injuring his hand. He's ok and completed the tour, thankfully.


This leaves the fans questioning the next move from Stone Temple Pilots. Only one show is left for the remainder of 2015 (for now) and with no news of any new music....what will happen for the future of the band? Mike has said Fort Minor will not tour or release an album, and Linkin Park is already in the studio for the new album. Will STP go on another break? Will LP release an album before STP manages to get one full-length record out with Chester? LP appears to be the full-time focus for Chester.


There are a few great recordings from the tour, which you can download here, in our thread about the shows. Don't get us wrong, the band nailed the shows...these recordings are A+ and feature STP in prime form, especially after having been off the road for months. The tour page for Stone Temple Pilots can be found here.

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