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Fact checking Mike: A Place For My Head in Italy


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After a show in Serbia almost happened to close the band's European Tour for The Hunting Party, Linkin Park headlined Rock in Roma in Roma, Italy for the last show of ten on the tour. This tour wraps up the tours for The Hunting Party before the band heads back into the studio. As of now, only one show remains in Tempe, AZ later this year but another club show is rumored to be announced soon.


Something interesting happened at the show in Italy. A fan named Alessandro organized a flashmob at the show for the band but unfortunately passed away in a car accident before the show. We believe it was a few days before the show, but please correct us if we are wrong. The band found out about it, presumably at the Meet & Greet and Chester, similar to the Monterrey show in June, dedicated the band's encore to Alessandro.


We all know the fans in Italy are amazing...the show last year in Milano was incredible. However, at this one...the fans started chanting for A Place For My Head and the band actually obliged. Like, Brad walked down from the keyboard (before Waiting For The End), got a guitar, and the band played it. They know we love A Place For My Head and know it's probably the most-requested song by the online fanbase, but this is the first time they've added it on the spot for a fan. Check out the video.



As you can hear in the video, Mike asked us to fact-check this exact scenario, so here we go.


Some previous incidents have happened that are worth mentioning. Songs have been added mid-show before, including A Place For My Head.


- At the intimate shows in the UK in 2003, Simon and Jon (from LPFuse) and their whole crew were at literally all of the shows....and always were yelling for A Place For My Head and A.06. At Top of the Pops, the band played A.06 (the cool mashup version with My Own Summer) and even started A Place For My Head for them, but didn't play the full song. Two days later at CD:UK Headliners, Linkin Park happily obliged and played BOTH songs for them - A.06 and A Place For My Head. And finally, at the Kerrang! 2003 show, LP did A.06 again for them. Shoutout to the UK fans for that - three performances of A.06 and two of A Place For My Head.


- Another interesting fact about A Place For My Head in 2004 is that it wasn't at the Glasgow 2004 show, but was added for Download the next day. They dropped it for the first four shows of Projekt Revolution 2004 again, but added it again starting in Mansfield.


- We all know about the amazing encore to end Projekt Revolution 2004 in Mountain View...Crawling, A.06, aborted Wish, Sweet Child O' Mine, Wish, and One Step Closer. These were done for fun, though, and not due to fan requests.


- Fast forward to Seinajoki 2008, where Mike saw a sign in the crowd for Hands Held High and he rapped verse one acapella. You can see this on the Milton Keynes DVD too, because according to an interview at the time, Brad said it was a cool idea and Mike kept it for the last show of the tour. This kind of happened again at Rio 2012, where the fans yelled SO LOUDLY for Crawling that Chester sang verse one acapella.


- At Paris 2010, for the Hybrid Theory 10th Anniversary, the band played A Place For My Head unrehearsed, but it wasn't due to fan requests either.


- At San Jose 2011, Mike's keyboard problems on the tour finally came to a point where another song had to be played while the issues were handled and that song was The Messenger. "We weren't going to play this song tonight, but apparently it wants to be played", remarked Chester. It wasn't due to fan requests, though.


- Two shows in 2012 had technical difficulties on New Divide, so the band played A Place For My Head while the issues were worked out....Bucharest and Noblesville. These were chosen by LP, not fans.


- In 2013, the band asked the fans if they'd rather hear In The End or A Place For My Head in Melbourne, and they played A Place For My Head. In a similar move, at a KROQ private rehearsal in August, they asked the contest winner which song he wanted to hear live, so they played Breaking The Habit instead of Numb.


A Place For My Head has been played very sparingly on this world tour. Performances before Roma include Download 2014, Ventura 2014, the Amsterdam 2014 LPU Summit soundcheck, and the first three shows of the North American Tour in 2015 (Orlando, Nashville, and Indianapolis). The song was in both setlists of the North American Tour, so it would have taken it to nineteen performances on that tour and three in 2014 for a total of twenty two. Sadly, the tour was canceled and the 2014 and 2015 performances combined bring it to a total of seven performances on the world tour for The Hunting Party (including Roma).


In recap, Linkin Park has played songs randomly that weren't on the setlist plenty of times. The UK 2003 performances of A.06 and A Place For My Head count as them playing "fan requests", but those were VERY intimate shows...all with 50 or fewer fans and 75%+ of those 50~ fans were in the LP Underground. And we all know Mike has taken a million requests for verses over Points Of Authority and Bleed It Out...from Reading My Eyes to Step Up, High Voltage, Second To None, and more.


This is the first time that Linkin Park in their career has played a song at a normal headlining show due to fan requests with zero planning beforehand, and also not due to a technical issue.


And there we go! Mike was right on stage in Roma when he said that Linkin Park has never done that before, and we agree with him. We agree that playing A.06 and A Place For My Head to 50 LPU fans is considered a request, but those aren't full shows to 30,000+ fans. Technical issues have forced the band to play unplanned songs way more than they wanted to, but they always pull through and make something happen.


Hopefully A Place For My Head returns for the 2016 shows!

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