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Linkin Park Rybnik - Full Show


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We'll continue with what we've been doing this tour in regards to posting full videos of shows that are being uploaded...so here's Rybnik!



The same taper recorded Wroclaw 2014 as well, which you can view here.


If you see any other full videos of shows, send them our way and we'll post them! Great job everyone on this tour so far of recording shows...technology has really come a long way. It's wild we've evolved from a 15 second cellphone video of QWERTY in 2006 to the full HD video of a show being uploaded the same night.

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Great memories, looks like he was just a few meters in front of me (until we rushed to the pit Mike created for Bleed it Out :D), the crowd was really loud around that area :)

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Crowd on the back of GC was crazier than crowd few meters behind the barricades, lol. Yeah, crowd on that video is still good, but I was somewhere at the back or in the middle and people here were more enjoying the show.

Very good video, I enjoyed while watching this :D Chester was amazing! I think it's one of the best performances of Waiting For The End and Ballad Medley.

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