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2015.08.31 - Jämsä, Finland - Himos Park


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The Hunting Party Era is coming to a close, with the final leg of the tour wrapping up in Europe. The 7th show of the tour is happening in Jämsä, Finland at Himos Park tonight on August 31, 2015. This will be the first and only Scandinavian show of the entire cycle!


While this will be the band's first show in Jämsä, this won't be their first show in Finland! In fact, it's the fourth show in Finland to date: 2008, 2009, and 2011 were when they visited in the past.


The first show in 2008 was a massive one, with the band being at their height of the Minutes To Midnight tour. Whipping old classics like 'A Place For My Head' and 'Pushing Me Away', while still finding time for new tracks like 'Wake 2.0' and 'Leave Out All The Rest'. Mike did something very special at the show: in response to fans holding up signs, he rapped the first verse of 'Hands Held High' acapella style for the first time (which seems to have replaced 'In Pieces' in the setlist). This inspired the same idea later on the tour in Milton Keynes, England (the Road To Revolution show), where Mike rapped the verse again acapella style.


The band returned in 2009 to play Sonisphere Finland while touring for 'New Divide'. A special moment from this show is 'Numb' - Brad played a guitar intro before the song and Joe played some old gunshot samples. The most recent performance in Finland was in 2011, on the A Thousand Suns Tour. This was the first Projekt Revolution show since 2008, featuring Die Antwoord, Dredg, and Middle Class Rut. The band performed a partial 'A Place For My Head' over the bridge of 'Bleed It Out', too! Hopefully the history continues in Jämsä!


The band's most recent show on the tour took place in Moscow, Russia, where the fans didn't disappoint! True to their nature, the Moscow fans took to their flashmob habits and held up signs that said "You", "Are", "Welcome" during 'Welcome'! It was a touching moment, as Mike even had Chester take a picture of him with the signs! A good shot was uploaded to Mike's Instagram, too. Before 'Welcome' even started, after 'Final Masquerade' Mike commented on Moscow being the first crowd to ever have a flashmob during their show (Red Square 2011, where fans held up signs saying "Wisdom", "Justice", and "Love" during 'Wisdom, Justice, and Love'). Other than that, the show went off pretty normally - Chester was on fire! - with a few hiccups here and there (such as Mike messing up during the second verse of 'From The Inside' and Joe messing up the intro to 'Numb' as usual).


As for this show, it's safe to say there won't really be any major setlist changes. Rob confirmed that the band had stopped rotating sets for the tour (likely due to production) at the Minsk M&G, but will likely go back to rotating sets on the next touring cycle. Another interesting thing to note from that M&G is that Mike said he won't be playing 'Remember The Name' and 'Welcome' at Rock im Sektor twice (since Linkin Park and Fort Minor are both performing at the show), so he's still working on figuring out what he'll do. Maybe he'll be testing something out for it - between this show and the next LP show (in Berlin, Germany), Fort Minor will be performing a solo show in Berlin, and Mike has set up a poll for which songs the fans want him to perform at the show. The choices are 'Right Now', 'Red To Black', 'Second To None', 'High Voltage', and 'Step Up'. Last time Mike updated us, 'High Voltage' was in the lead - no complaints here, the 'High Voltage' remix was one of the best live songs the band ever played live!


We'll find out what song wins when the show happens, but maybe the winner will find it's way to the Linkin Park set in Düsseldorf as a replacement for the other two songs. Who knows? Check out our rundown of the poll here. What do you think they'll add in place of the Fort Minor songs? The winner of the poll? Maybe a song the band knows how to perform pretty well - 'A Place For My Head' or 'Somewhere I Belong', maybe. Maybe they won't replace anything and just shorten the set. We'll keep you updated!



Who's heading to the show? As mentioned before, the next Linkin Park show happens in Berlin on August 3, but Fort Minor performs the day before on August 2 at the Kessalhaus in Berlin. After that, the band has two shows left on the tour: Rock im Sektor in Düsseldorf, Germany and Rock in Roma in Rome, Italy. Fort Minor has an additional performance after the tour at the Scala in London, England. Then, the band is rumored to have a few club shows lined up for 15th Anniversary of Hybrid Theory. However, if that doesn't happen, there's still one show left to play in November: Tempe, Arizona at the Monster Mash festival. For updates on the show, check back here or follow us on Twitter!


Check out the rest of Linkin Park's 2015 touring schedule here.

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