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Joe DJ Set in Shanghai


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After the "middle" show of the tour in Shanghai on July 22nd, Joe will play another DJ set. The location will be at Shanghai's LUCE. It is dubbed the "official Linkin Park after party", but the band didn't mention if other LP members would be in attendance or not, meaning that it's likely just Joe.


This is Joe's second DJ set of the month. He just DJed on July 15th at Toon Workshop's Tokyo Launch Party on his way to China for the Linkin Park tour. A list of his previous DJ sets can be found here.


The Hunting Party Chinese Tour will be the first tour in the band's history to not have LPU Meet & Greets. Since those have been held before in China, it is unknown what the issue was this time, but fans can at least meet Joe in Shanghai at this event.

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Wait, ever? In the 15+ year history of LP, they have never held a tour with no M&G until now? Wow... I feel bad for those fans.


Yep. Originally, M&Gs were held after shows, then they started moving them to before shows. There have always been random shows that did not have them, such as KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas ones, or even the NYC 2010 ATS Release Show. Every now and then there's a show without one, but every TOUR has had them.


In 2000 and 2001, they'd just meet fans after the shows, before the LPU was created. They'd come out during Ozzfest or during radio show signings. Then with the official M&Gs it guaranteed fans an opportunity to meet them. On the LPU Tour in 2003, the M&Gs were after the shows. The LPTVs from the rest of 2003 make it seem like the switch to BEFORE the shows happened on Projekt Revolution 2003.


Anyway, every tour has had them until this one.

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