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2015.03.28 - Scottsdale, AZ - Arizona Bike Week 2015


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Stone Temple Pilots are back on the road! After a few months off from performing to accommodate Linkin Park's touring schedule, STP is ready for action. Before their big U.S. Tour kicks off, they will be performing a warm up show at Arizona Bike Week in Scottsdale, Arizona on March 28, 2015.

It's been a few months since the band has toured - they haven't performed since October 2014, in Manhastucket, CT on Halloween night. At that show, the band wrapped up their short U.S. festival run and performed some of their biggest hits, including 'Dead & Bloated' and 'Vasoline'. The band brought out some new songs that they hadn't performed with Chester yet - 'Sin', 'Heaven And Hot Rods', and a new live version of 'Plush'. In a recent interview, Chester has claimed the band would be rehearsing some new songs that they hadn't played before - and there's quite a lot of them. A quick look at the STP section of the Live Debuts thread reveals that there are still a bunch of song Chester has yet to perform - including anything from the band's 2010 self-titled album! What songs do you want to see the band perform with Chester?

To get yourself back in the swing of things with Chester and STP, check out this performance of 'Dead & Bloated' from Manhastucket in October of last year. Chester really seems to be killing it whilst performing these songs live! Who's excited to see them perform?

After this show, the band has another week and a half to start preparing for their extensive Spring U.S. Tour that kicks off on April 8 in Seattle, Washington. Additionally, this will be Chester's first show whatsoever since he broke his ankle back in January! Wish him luck! There may be a possibilty we'll see some new material this tour - the band has been busy preparing for a new album, rumored to be released in October of this year. According to Robert, the band has completed FOUR songs instrumentally for the new album! New material is just upon the Horizon. Check back here or follow us @LiveSTP for details on the show!

Check out the rest of Stone Temple Pilot's touring schedule here.
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I was at the show in Connecticut last year on Halloween. It was awesome. I'm pretty excited for this upcoming tour. It will be my 3rd time seeing STP now. But anyways, I totally forgot about the show tomorrow. It will be interesting to see how well Chester has healed so far and we might have an idea of the setlist for the upcoming tour as well.

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Yeah that Connecticut recording is great. I like that show a lot.


I think they'll play the same setlist for the tour, for sure, and we'll see some different songs. His AltWire interview said STP was playing some acoustic stuff (hoping for Pretty Penny) as well as some stuff they haven't ever played with Chester. But I hope that means they keep the recently added stuff from last fall, those songs sound fantastic.


What they won't do is add brand new songs from the new album, so I guess they won't add any other songs from the High Rise EP sadly.


It's been two months so I think Chester will be able to move around the stage just fine. I don't think he will jump off the drumset on Vasoline since it's his first show back, but I do think he'll be wild again (jamming like he does on APFMH or Faint outro) in due time, maybe after a few LP shows in May. Eventually he will get used to his screws/metal plates in his foot.

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Crackerman video is up. Setlist added to the show page. http://lplive.net/shows/db/stonetemplepilots/20150328



01. Sex Type Thing
02. Vasoline
03. Wicked Garden
04. Heaven And Hotrods
05. Sin
06. Big Bang Baby
07. Hollywood Bitch
08. Crackerman
09. Out Of Time
10. Meatplow
11. Big Empty
12. Plush
13. Interstate Love Song
14. Down
15. Sex And Violence
16. Dead And Bloated
17. Piece Of Pie
18. Trippin' On A Hole In A Paper Heart


Source: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10152748966558133&set=p.10152748966558133&type=1

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Chester looks like he is in decent shape judging by the Crackerman video. Not jumping around like usual but that's pretty obvious that he won't be doing that. His voice sounds the same here so that is a good sign.

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A bit let down by the setlist. Same stuff but they dropped Black Heart.


'm pretty pissed off right now that I just found out that they dropped Black Heart. Love the song.

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