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It's time for another list?
This time we'll collect every references, shout-outs and also artists who sampled LP music (but not covers).
1:46: "I know you see me in magazines, in shows with Linkin Park
It's been 10 years when's the big money gonna start?"
1:47: "Fans analyze our rhymes, artwork, and posters
And treat Mike Shinoda like he’s Deepak Chopra"
2:54: "I seen it all from Barry Farms to Sursum Corda
They had that rock in Lincoln Park that’s word to Mike Shinoda"
4:49: "Tours with Mike Shinoda, gettin paper with Fort Minor
My worldwide exposure is a sore reminder"
0:49: "So much anger lurkin underneath, listenin to Linkin Park
Gave all in the end and didn't matter they sing, smart"
1:43: "That's just the name of The Game like Jayceon Taylor
Y'all vagina rappers
Motherfuckers thought I got in a squabble with Mike Shinoda's DJ
Y'all only left Minor scratches"
0:37: "He'd put his favorite records on
Innerparty and Linkin Park"
Die Toten Hosen - Das ist der Moment
1:19: "Linkin spielen im Park und wir am Ring"
2:44: "They see me on the block with the Lincoln parked
They know I'm selling rock like Linkin Park"
0:47: "It's like Mike Shinoda mixed with the little bit of Esham
And A-1 Yola, little bit of Crooked I, little bif of Apathy"
1:00: "I guess ones man's trash is the next man's treasure
One man's pain is the next man's pleasure"
*Reference to Fort Minor's Right Now.
0:27: "This ain't the Jay-Z/Linkin Park Collision Course
This the 80 car collision rock rap intercourse"
0:37: "Oh you like Linkin Park
That's the hat from the tour
I got an autographed shirt they wrote, much love 2 ya"
1:49: "You find me at Linkin Park, with Motely Crue
You say you know the what, but you do not know The Who"
1:01: "I got goons that'll make it spark, and I don't gotta throw a blow
Niggas ready to stage dive like they Linkin Park"
2:16: "While I tried to be dark, like Linkin Park
Turns out my piano skills ain't too sharp"
3:39: "Mike shinoda from Linkin Park"
Artists Who Sampled Linkin Park:
Sampled Leave Out All The Rest and used its chorus.
Sampled In The End.
Sampled In The End.
Sampled In The End.
Sampled Runaway.
Sampled Numb-Encore and used verse 1 and chorus of Numb.
Sampled Leave Out All The Rest.
Sampled Shadow of The Day.
Sampled Where'd You Go.
Artists Who "Sampled" Linkin Park's Music Video:
The music video is Faint.
Something is missing?
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Porta - Falsa Esperanza (Leave Out All The Rest sample)

Resethy - Tudo Que Restou (Remix) (A.06 sample)

Resethy - Se Foi (Dedicated sample)

I left Resethy out, there are a huge number of unknown/known in their area only musicians that mentioned LP, or used sample of LP. The entire views amount of Resethy channel is like one video of Porta.


Added Porta and the rest.

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