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Goosebumps And Chills


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What are your top 5 moments of Linkin Park song's giving you goosebumps, and why?


01. A Line In The Sand

The final act of the song, where Chester is exploding over a rapidly growing instrumental, and everything keeps getting more hectic, and it all comes to a halt with Mike softly singing the opening verse is just brilliant. It's everything about Linkin Park. Heavy, soft, slow, fast, loud, quiet, mellow, aggro.


02. Wisdom Justice and Love

When the choir comes in and MLK starts to get dark and more robotic, it just shot the biggest rush of Goosebumps down my spine. Had I not spoiled this with reviews prior to listening, I may have turned into a robot myself. Frozen.


03. Roads Untraveled

Right when Chester sings "there's a seat here along side me" and everything quiets before exploding back was just beautiful.


04. Robot Boy

When the synth hits it's highest notes and Mike and Chester come back to the "you say" part with Chester's wandering shrieks in the background is just awesome. Fucking amazing.


05. Program

When the main guitar riff kicks in it's so awesome. I felt like I was moving with it. This is a very odd choice for the list and I doubt anyone would even consider this on their top twenty, but hey to each's own.


Honorable Mention:

- P5HNG ME A*WY (Live in Texas 03)

- In Between post bridge "between my pride and my promise"

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01. What I've Done


The first time I ever heard this song, the piano intro sent shivers up my spine. It felt like the ''new Linkin Park'', you could feel the change and it was great. It's still one of my favorite songs to this day. Chester's vocal delivery is amazing and I love the lyrics.


02. A Line In The Sand


The first time I ever heard this song, it sent shivers up my spine and gave me goosebumps. It has such an epic feel to it, like some big event is going to take place, something apocalyptic. Mike's vocals are great and once the drums kick in and it starts getting balls to the wall heavy, that is the best moment for me.


03. Burning In The Skies


I really connected to the lyrics the first time I heard this and the vocal delivery from Chester sent shivers up my spine. Great song.


04. Faint


I remember jamming to this song back in 2003 and I loved it. I don't know why but it gave me goosebumps back then, it just explodes with energy once the riff kicks in.


05. Given Up

This is a weird one. The studio version has never given me chills or goosebumps and neither has the live version, except for one time. I specifically remember at the Mohegan Sun show (Uncasville), the 18 sec scream gave me total shivers and I felt such a strong emotion coming over me, I teared up. I was going through a super massive break up pretty much that day and I was about to get kicked out of my house, etc and when Chester screamed ''put me out of my fucking misery'' literally 3 inches in front of me, I just felt the anger and raw emotion and it's exactly what I was feeling at that moment and nothing could have described it better.

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1. 1stp Klosr

The intro sounds just like something you would see in a horror film, Jonathan Davis' verse and his 'BLOOD IS POURING' part in the bridge are just creepy.


2. Krwlng

The Violin intro to when Chester voice goes all robotic and static in certain parts.


3. Shadow of the Day

Chester's verse's in the beginning and the intro beats just feel so eerie.


4. And One

The very first verse that is static. Nuff said.


5. Fallout

Mike's voice sounding like a robot.

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01. She couldn't

Such an introvert and calm song. The lyrics hit home for me. So Refreshing for an LP demo from this time period. The guitar part is gorgeous. And the way the song builds at the end .


02. Papercut (ending)


It's a classic, but that ending makes the song for me. The way the songs key changes in the bridge carrying it to the end with those simplistic yet unforgettable lyrics. "the sun goes down.... I feel the light betray me." For album opener, it feels so final in resolution.


03. No roads Left


Mikes singing and Dave Campbell's strings in this are the particularly reason why this song is so powerful for me. Especially the way the strings/drum kick in on the second chorus. Carrying the song to its end ( much like Papercut) "I ruuuuuuunnnnn...." Incredibly epic. Such a huge sound.


04. Not Alone


It's the reversed strings in the bridge/end of the song. Such an emotional sound. I can't put my figure as to why.


05. The Requiem/The radiance


Pure goosebumps here. So dark an ominous. Mikes feminine vox give it such haunting vibe. I love listening to this on on a dark night the way home. Perfect nighttime mood .


06. Fallout/The Catalyst


In some ways. Continues with what the Requiem started. Incredibly dark and moody thanks to that Low end synth. The catalyst just builds on it, to almost a crescendo.



07. Until I breaks (ending)


Almost like a lullaby. The way brad sings. Fading out into a dream almost. I love how you can hear a funfair/seaside at the songs outro takes me back to my childhood.


08. A Line in the sand


What is there to say that isn't already said? Mikes intro/verses/ ending. Such a haunting soundscape. Cheaters parts and brad riffing are incredibly triumphant.

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