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USA Amphitheatre Websites

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Hey guys,


I am working on the venue websites for the 2014 shows. When we had amphitheatre venue links (I think starting in 2008), they changed when Live Nation redid all of their website links, and the old ones didn't redirect. What a pain in the ass! And then it happened again in about 2011-2012 sometime (forgot the actual date).


For Honda Civic Tour I don't think we ended up putting the venue links for the amphitheatres. It's really just all of the outdoor USA venues owned by Live Nation, so any LP summer tour is affected here (Ozzfest, PR04, PR07, PR08, HCT12, Carnivores 2014).


What do we do? I put the Canada links and I'm still working on 2014. A few venues on the tour that are amphitheatres have their own websites like DTE Music Center in Clarkston (owned by The Palace group, so they have a venue site for it). Do we put Wikipedia page links to the venues? They don't ever change (and the old names will redirect I think since some USA amphitheatres change their names all the time).


The only reason that we didn't do the wiki stuff before for those venues is because it isn't an OFFICIAL site. The only wiki links you see for venues now are ones where like the venue doesn't exist anymore and a wiki page still exists...stuff like that.


Any thoughts? I'd like to at least put something, but the Live Nation ones keep changing and I'm tempted to put the Wikipedia links for the venues. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cruzan_Amphitheatre For most of them, the wiki pages will link to the official websites so I think that's a good idea.

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That you can look up some info about the venue, what it looks like, the capacity etc.


It's not just amphitheaters, other places like stadiums and arenas are dealing with constant names changes too. Most of them have a real websites but even that address will cease to redirect or go invalid at some point.


It's not possible anyway to have all the links 100% working.


I'd say either leave them and only put wikipedia links for closed etc. venues

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I say just update the venue website links to the best of our ability and periodically check on them to see if any of them have changed. We don't get a lot of reports on outdated venue links in the Site Correction thread, so I think that's an indication that people aren't using the links much. Probably no harm in having some of the links go outdated from time to time then, maybe it's something we can review every 6 months or so. I'd be willing to help too.

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