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Rock am Ring to move from Nürburgring


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In a somewhat shocking announcement, the organizers of Rock am Ring have revealed that the festival will no longer be held at Nurburgring.

Thomas from http://blackchester.de, a great friend from Germany, explains:

"Marek Lieberberg is the promoter behind Rock am Ring. They need to rent the Nürburgring every year from the respective owner. This owner has changed pretty often in the last few years and it has always been uncertain that Rock am Ring will continue to be held at that racetrack.

The new owner now cancelled the contract of Marek Lieberberg with them so Rock am Ring will no longer be held at Nürburgring, but that was a problem over the last few years already but they always found a way to work it out. But I already predicted this to be the last time at the racetrack this year since there were already some talks on a new venue for the festival"

Obviously the timing is due to the festival about to occur and it also hasn't sold out yet this year. Linkin Park performed at the venue for Rock am Ring in 2001, 2004, 2007, 2012, and will perform there again shortly in June 2014.

Rolling Stone Germany

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