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Your Top 10 Favourite Linkin Park related songs


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I thought it would be interesting to hear your opinion on this.

Side projects (DBS, FM, STPwCB), previous bands (SD And His Friends, Grey Daze, Snax), and collaborations of any kind (remixes, songs produced/written/composed by, and/or songs featuring someone from Linkin Park).

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DBS is my favorite LP side project. FM is ok, and I wouldn't consider STPWCB an LP side project, but I still prefer DBS to it. Top 10? That's definitely something to think about. This is probably my top 10 as of right now.


1) Into You (DBS)

2) Let Down (2005 Acoustic; DBS)

3) Walking In Circles (DBS)

4) Where'd You Go (FM)

5) Kenji (FM)

6) End Of The World (DBS)

7) Out of Time (STPWCB)

8) In The Darkness (DBS)

9) Too Late (DBS)

10) Tomorrow (STPWCB)

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01- Too Late (Dead By Sunrise)

02- Remember The Name (Fort Minor)

03- Right Now (Fort Minor)

04- Walking In Circles (Dead By Sunrise)

05- Inside Of Me (Dead By Sunrise)

06- Dolla (Fort Minor)

07- Kenji (Fort Minor)

08- Same On The Inside (Stone Temple Pilots w/ Chester Bennington)

09- Let Down (Dead By Sunrise)

10- There They Go (Fort Minor)

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No particular order:


Cry to Yourself (DJ Lethal featuring Chester Bennington)

Out of Time (Stone Temple Pilots with Chester Bennington)

In Stereo (Fort Minor)

Let Down (2005 Live version)

Out the Back (Fort Minor)

Petrified (Fort Minor)

Believe Me (Fort Minor)

Move On (Fort Minor)

The Morning After (Julien-K Remix)

B12 (Grey Daze)

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