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Julien-K - Kick The Bass Single


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Hey guys, just letting you know that today is a big day for Julien-K!


They have officially released their first single, Kick The Bass, today. You may find it on iTunes, Amazon, etc - all of your usual places. What's special about this single release for fans is that the band has thrown in a special b-side from the album recording sessions entitled 'Dreamland'. Having just purchased it from iTunes (DRM-free, I might add), I can say that it is a quality track and worth purchasing. Coming in a 4:06, the techno-ish, futuristic beat surrounds Ryan's enticing vocals, creating a perfect song for both those casual and diehard Julien-K fans.


The Kick The Bass video was recently released to Playboy.com (age-restricted, however), but I'm sure it will appear in other places as the album release date comes closer. Remember, Death To Analog drops March 10 and the limited edition comes with something special for the Linkin Park fans out there - Mike Shinoda's sure-to-fucking-rock-your-world remix of the title track off the album entitled 'Death To Analog'.


Check it out!

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Don't forget Chester is in this video guys. You can see him clearly on the youtube video around 2:51. He's wearing makeup and a funny hat, but he's deff in it.


This song is amazing. Julien K are a style that isn't explored by many people because of how hard it is to pull off and make it new and exciting, and they do it so well. I've loved them since the start, and I was a big Orgy fan back in the day so i've followed those guys before they were Julien-K/Linkin Park related. But still, if you like good music, listen to it. You WONT be dissapointed.

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