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Chester on KFMA


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He did say that, but I also thought he said that when they play those songs live, they just kind of stand there and perform. That's why the made LIVING THINGS. Maybe it was just my interpretation that was off.

Your interpretation was right. They did make LT to add some more heavier stuff back in the set. Did you mean that he is sicking of playing Numb live, or they are sick of making those kinds of songs in the studio? I always thought he hated playing stuff like songs from HT and Meteora, I didn't know he didn't like playing the slow stuff. Maybe he has changed in recent years.

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I meant a little of both, for Chester at least. I can't speak for Mike or the rest of the band, and neither can Chester, but it seems he (and Mike based on recent interviews) isn't too big on making the generic, radio friendly songs anymore. I mean moreso than what's usual for LP (Numb, In The End, What I've Done, Shadow Of The Day, New Divide etc.). Those are their biggest hits for a reason. I also thought Chester was hinting that he is getting tired of playing the songs that haven't been dropped in years, like Numb, What I've Done, New Divide, Faint etc. I didn't mean that he's tired of playing slow stuff, but that he's tired of playing the same songs over and over again.

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I think all this talk about their past albums and the talk about how heavy this album is, etc, is all just extreme hype from the band members. I will revisit this thread exactly one year after THP came out and see how the band feels or if it lived up to the potential.

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