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When Bring Me the Horizon meets Chester


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Not a big news but for those interested...


Bring me the Horizon just finished their American Dream tour and posted their last video tour episode where you can see the band meeting Chester.







Oli Sykes seems to be a big LP fan, few weeks ago when his band was announced in the download festival lineup he said: "We’re over the moon about playing Download. Before we got confirmed I had already asked for guest list as there was no way I was going to miss Linkin Park play Hybrid Theory in full. When we were offered to play on the same day and on the same stage just a few hours before, it was a no brainer. I’m crowd surfing to papercut, mark my words!"




Maybe at one point of time we will have BMTH touring with Linkin Park

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Oli has been a LP fan for most of his life, his first concert was actually LP & Deftones on their European Tour back in 2001. Nice video. Cool that they are playing Download alongside LP.

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In an interview Olie mentioned Chester inspired him to sing in a more melodic way. He also said that lp was an influence of their last album.

So I'm not wondering Olie likes Chester.

Funny you mention that, my hardcore BMTH fan friend actually wondered if A Thousand Suns influenced that record. It really did sound like it had.

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I remember reading somewhere that Oli has loved every LP record except Living Things.

Highly doubt he said that. Probably just the extremely overwhelming hate of the album that many LP fans seem to have, even though the album went Gold and debuted at #1 in the charts. How did it get there, then?

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