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Projekt Revolution: How would it be done now?


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PR is dead and it's never coming back. I wouldn't want it to come back, anyways. LP can do a very successful summer tour in the US with just a few support acts like they did in 2012 and now.

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But I would love to see them do one, still though. PR07 and PR08 were really great tours. I enjoyed getting there at 12:30pm and hanging out all day! That's how I discovered 10 Years so I am forever indebted to LP for that.


Main Stage:

Linkin Park (100 mins) 9:20pm

Arctic Monkeys (75 mins) 7:35pm

Chevelle (45 mins) 6:20pm

OneRepublic (45 mins) 5:00pm

Lupe Fiasco (30 mins) 4:20pm


Revolution Stage:

10 Years (45 mins) 3:00pm

Flipsyde (30 mins) 2:10pm

Emery (30 mins) 1:20pm

Asher Roth (30 mins) 12:30pm


This = an epic day for me. All genres covered that I like. Rock, hip hop, pop, rap.

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