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Frederiksberg, Denmark 2001 Show


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Thank you to those of you who helped bring another date to our attention that was not in the live guide. Back in August 2013, StaticXero posted about a cancelled show from 2001 that we didn't have on the site. To start the European Headline Tour in 2001, Linkin Park originally had shows at Stockholm, Sweden's Solnahallen and Frederiksberg, Denmark's KB-Hallen, but both were cancelled before the tour began. The third show of the tour in Hamburg, Germany was cancelled because of the September 11th terrorist attacks in America, leaving the tour to start in Berlin, Germany on September 12th with three cancelled shows before it.


Posted Image

This shirt (real or not) was found on eBay at the time as well, showing the Denmark date. Due to a gap in the archives on Linkin Park's website and other fansites at the time, we were unfortunately unable to find announcements or cancellations for Stockholm or Frederiksberg, but Skipees finally in December found a cancellation announcement for Frederiksberg on a website. The vague statement reads, "Because of the "restructuring" of their U.S. tour has Linkin Park decided to cancel their concert in KB Hallen 9 september. Since there is no immediate prospect of a replacement concert, the tickets will be refunded where they were purchased until 15 October."


Anyway, this is just a reminder that the live guide here always has things that can be added to it and is always improving! If you know of something that is missing, don't hesitate to help us out and let us know about it. In addition, here are a few other dates that were missing from the guide until the last few years:



2001.01.26 Seattle, WA, Showbox Theatre, 107.7 The End "Endsession"

2001.09.28 Chula Vista, CA, Coors Amphitheatre, Rock 105.3's 'When Bands Attack'

2003.06.23 Lisboa, PT, Pavilhão Atlântico (the original show date was not on the site)

2004.06.11 Wiener Neustadt, AT, Civitas Nova, Aerodrome_04 (cancelled)

+ other shows that were announced, rescheduled/moved, etc (several Family Values Tour 2001 shows, Meteora World Tour 2004 shows and Projekt Revolution 2007 shows).



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I was thinking something similar, the euro tour was announced before Reading was canceled. But Stockholm and Denmark were canceled when they knew Reading wasn't happening, not to mention they cant 5 shows in a row internationally, that's just impossible. I think it all comes down to their VMA performance, maybe they had to change their travel plans or whatever that they couldn't make it to the shows.

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