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Stone Temple Pilots or Camp Freddy?


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I have been listening to both lately, STP with Chester, and Camp Freddy with Chester. I can't decide which one I like more, but I'm pretty sure it's Camp Freddy. He just nails it with them and it fits better, IMO. Which one do you guys like more?

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I like Camp FreddyWCB a bit more than STPWCB, but those bands shouldn't be compared, CFWCB is a cover band, while STPWCB is half cover band (Chester covers some songs that wasn't originally recorded by him and he sings songs that were recorded by him originally). The reason why I like CFWCB is that they play much cooler songs than STPWCB, I feel like Chester is not singing naturally in STPWCB, he tries to act Scoot Weiland, he sings with lower tones than normally.

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all this "WCB", we sound like we're a local radio chain!


I prefer Camp Freddy, I like hearing Chester on lots of diverse stuff - well, 'diverse': mostly old-school rock.

I'm not sure I really liked the High Rise EP. Out Of Time just sounds like they threw words on paper and were like "yep! done!"

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