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09.09.2013 - Boston, MA, House Of Blues


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Stone Temple Pilots play their fourth show of the eleven show tour on September 9th at Boston's House Of Blues, right next to the legendary Fenway Park. This will mark STP's first show in the Boston area since September of 2010, roughly three years ago and their first show at the House Of Blues there as far as we know.


So far, the band has stuck to the same setlist for the first three shows of the tour and we're not complaining because they are kicking ass. Fans are proving to be very supportive of the new STP lineup and are loving Chester nailing the songs. At the last show in Atlantic City (show page here), Richard Patrick from Filter and Army Of Anyone joined the band for 'Piece Of Pie'. Will this collaboration continue throughout the tour?



With their new EP being released on October 8th, it is expected that the band will add another new song or two to their live setlist later in the tour. 'Black Heart' has been rehearsed as far as we know and Chester even hinted at a few other STP classics that they were rehearsing.


After this show, the band plays in Huntington, NY on the 10th before flying to Oklahoma City on the 13th to open for Motley Crue. After two shows in Oklahoma, the tour moves back to the east coast where they begin again in Florida. For the full 2013 tour schedule for STP, including setlists for all shows they've played so far with Chester, click here.



01. Down

02. Big Bang Baby

03. Vasoline

04. Dead & Bloated

05. Out Of Time

06. Silvergun Superman

07. Church On Tuesday (Guitar Solo Ending)

08. Big Empty

09. Sour Girl (2008 Guitar Solo Version)

10. Interstate Love Song

11. Pop's Love Suicide (2013 New Ending)

12. Hollywood Bitch

13. Sex Type Thing

14. Sex And Violence


15. Wicked Garden

16. Piece Of Pie (w/ Richard Patrick of Filter and Army Of Anyone)

17. Trippin' On A Hole In A Paper Heart

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I wonder if Chester will joined to Filter for one song as well.


So far, the band has stuck to the same setlist for the first three shows of the tour and we're not complaining because they are kicking ass.

Even LP don't do that lol, but like you said the shows are too good to complain. Still waiting for the new song/s though.




"New" song in the set - Lady Picture Show?

Interstate Love Song

Big Empty

Dead & Bloated





Big Bang Baby:


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I just woke up from the show last night. I had such a good time. Despite their being some issues (some dickhead security guard wouldn't let my best friend in the venue), it was a great show. Chester and Filter both kept praising the crowd all night, they said it was rowdy and on fire. That was pretty sweet. Seeing Richard Patrick of Filter come out for Piece Of Pie was awesome, I really wanted to see that at the show and it happened. I was front row for both bands, and Chester came down and grabbed my hand like 10 times I swear. Lol. I think it was because I was the only one around me that actually was singing along and he saw my LP tattoo. Either way, it was great. I had a really fun time. I would definitely go see Chester with STP again sometime if they toured around my area. I wish I could make it to the NY show tonight but money is tight after traveling to LA to see LP last month. I recommend anyone to go see them play live, even if you don't particularly love STP's music, it was really fun and Chester sounded great.

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