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Scott Weiland to STP: "Buy me out"


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From blabbermouth.net:


Scott Weiland has told Stone Temple Pilots that if they want rid of him they’ll have to buy him out of his interest in the band.


STP fired him in February and then hired Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington in his place.


They described Weiland as “toxic” and launched legal action against him for loss of earnings. That resulted in the vocalist initiating a counter-lawsuit. Both are yet to be decided.


Weiland tells Gater Rocks: “There is a band agreement and a contract. They didn’t follow the rules that were set down. There has to be a reason for letting go a member, and you have to give them a certain period of time to do whatever you want them to do.


“It’s ridiculous. They can’t use the name without us coming to an agreement. So they’ll have to buy me out of the company – I have value in the company and the brand.”


He’s also revealed there were plans to release a range of anniversary merchandise to mark STP’s 20th anniversary in 2012.


“There was supposed to be a box set and a repackaged greatest hits, a coffee-table book, a DVD from the very beginning, a bunch of multimedia,” he says. “It was our last commitment to Atlantic Records. I don’t know how it turned itself around, but somehow it did.”

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To be fair, if he's still under contract with them, they either have to honor the terms of the contract for the duration of it or agree to a buyout if they want to sever ties with him early. It's kind of like when a sports team decides to release a player when they still have years left on their contract - they have to pay them the money they would have gotten for the remaining duration of the contract, unless the two sides agree to a smaller portion as a buyout. It's basically a severance package.


It sounds like the main issue here is that Scott thinks if he's still under contract, he should be the lead singer of the band. Depending on how the contract is worded, that isn't necessarily true. Assuming STP is still paying Scott what he would have been getting anyway, there may not be much he can do about it. One example I can think of is when Peter Criss was fired from KISS in 1980, he was kept on the band's payroll until about 1984, even though Eric Carr had long since replaced him as the band's drummer.

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It sounds like the main issue here is that Scott thinks if he's still under contract, he should be the lead singer of the band.

I think it's more like "You can't do whatever you want, fired me, embarrass me and think that I'll stay quiet".


If he wants money it means that he don't really care about to be or not to be in STP. He just want things to be done with a little respect. He feels like they're trampling him in my opinion.

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