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  1. Someone could please upload this live show: East Rutherford, New Jersey (2001.10.24; Source 1) the source is: Source 1: Video - AUD (MiniDV: JVC GR-DVL9000) Taper: Tito Time: 36:13 mins Format: DVD / 2.49gb (first gen), 1.19 GB (low gen)
  2. Someone please can post the live video of the show 2001.06.23 Irvine, California KROQ Weenie Roast. On the lplive guide it says that the original file is 1.27 GB (source 2)
  3. Thank you for this can you write the shows that are added from time to time? otherwise it becomes difficult to understand what was included as an update.
  4. Maybe....it would be a nice gift for the end of the year
  5. ok,so it ends like this ? it is not possbile to find a solution fort his
  6. Stich, did you finishloading all the shows ? thank you very much for this
  7. Hi Gast you that you have everything you would not have video or audio photos of Lnnkin Park Live 23February 2003 in Milan?
  8. Hello For the commemoration in Monza Italy there is also the video on Youtube, I leave you linin thank you Vincenzo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vmw5VmrIEdQ&feature=share
  9. Hello There was the event at Monza Italia on July 23, in the same place where they played a few months ago I leave the link https://www.facebook.com/events/530344533964297/?active_tab=discussion&__xt__=33.{"logging_data"%3A{"profile_id"%3A530344533964297%2C"event_type"%3A"clicked_view_event_posts"%2C"impression_info"%3A"eyJmIjp7Iml0ZW1fY291bnQiOiIwIn19"%2C"surface"%3A"www_events_permalink"%2C"interacted_story_type"%3A"1058178634193603"%2C"session_id"%3A"4dc9169038ad9ed11e07e63c7c3aa493"}}
  10. Hello I am very curious to listen to the live when you think you load them ? and how ? Thanks a lot
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