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  1. My Setlist would be like this: 01.Cure For The Itch |2008 Tour Version 02.Guilty All The Same 03. Lost In The Echo 04.Papercut 05.Points Of Authority 06.Lying From You 07.With You 08.Runaway 09.Wastelands 10.What I've Done 11.Castle Of Glass 12.Until It's Gone 13.Waiting For The End | Apaches Intro w/ Until It Breaks Verse 2; Wall Of Noise Outro 14.Mike Solo Medley (w/ Joe) | w/ Wretches And Kings, Remember The Name, Skin To Bone Remix; Ext. Outro Transition 15.Breaking The Habit 16.Bleed It Out |Ext. Intro; Ext. Bridge w/ Drum Solo + The Catalyst Refrain; Ext. Ending 17.Faint | Ext. Outro ------------Encore-------- 18.No More Sorrow | Long Intro 19.Somewhere I Belong 20.New Divide 21.In The End 22. A Place For My Head 23. One Step Closer | Ext. Outro
  2. best What I've Done perfomance i've heard for a while
  3. They should play full things, in my opinion leaf out the bride on Runaway... i think its the best part of the song gg LP
  4. fucking shortned Songs, now comes the bad aprt of the Set i think.... If they continue structuring their shows like this...... can't think about it. The Live Shows were much better in the past i think.
  5. For me the main reason for not buying DSP's is the sound of them since 2010. I have here shows where Mikes guitar parts aren't to hear. And some DSP's where Brad's guitar parts aren't to hear very well. I think if the sound (e.g the guitar sound) would be like 2008, they would getting more purchaser. I dont know, am i the only one who is scared about the sound? It's getting better with the Living Things tour, but 2008 was the best sound i thing. Greetings from Germany Konsti Ps. sorry for my english, i'am not very well in it.
  6. I voted for: A.06 Don't stay Figure.09 Forgotten Hit The Floor By Myself Pushing Me Away Wake In Pieces My Favourite Setlist: 1.A.06/By Myself 2.With You 3.Lying From You/Papercut 4.Victimized(w/Qwerty or w/ Hit The Floor) 5.No More Sorrow(with changing sometimes with Given Up) 6.In Pieces 7.Pushing Me Away 8.Somewhere I Belong 9.Points of Authority 10.In My Remains 11.Lost In The Echo 12.Ballad Medley 13.Figure.09 14.Waiting For The End 15.Breaking The Habit 16.Numb(w/changing w/ Bleed It Out some times, to give both Songs a pause) 17.Castle Of Glass 18.In The End 19.Faint __________________________ 20.Don't Stay(w/Forward[i think a new Forward Remix which following into the normal Forward song would be awsome]) 21.Forgotten 22.A Place For My Head 23.One Step Closer
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